While working at Babaroga LLC I worked on a strange but interesting virtual reality project in which you could roam around a haunted study as a ghost playing different forms of solitaire. I had to employ spatialization techniques and cut the music into separate spatialized portions (the violin part of the score came from a ghost in the upstairs bedroom, whilst the piano accompaniment was played by an invisible spectre on the grand piano beside the player). I also had to script random scare sound events to make the mansion sound organic, as well as score the sound effects for the magical flying cards. The game is available for purchase on the Oculus Store.


During my game audio internship at Babaroga LLC in Chicago, I was tasked with re-doing the sound design for their mobile title Decoder Ring. This was the first commercial release I worked on and it is available free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link


Solar Conquest is a commercial indie project I worked on in 2014, released for iPhone in the App Store. Over a few weeks I did all of the sound effects with a Nord Rack 2X and Sonic Charge's Synplant.



To complete my undergraduate degree in Sound Recording Technology at DePaul University I had to respin the sound from an existing music scene. I wrote, recorded, and mixed all of the music and sound effects and recorded/mixed the dialogue.


I worked on the music and sound design for this game in Unity over the course of a few months. It includes a semi-procedural singing system and the musical instrumentation is tied to the state of the environment.


Astromus was a student capstone project at DePaul University. I worked on the composition, sound design, and implementation in Unity 5. I also organized, engineered, and produced several foley and voice acting recording sessions at DePaul's recording studio.

Astromus Website

<Tot's Life>

After winning a local Chicago chapter competition of the Global Game Jam, the Tot's Team and I worked on a fleshed out version of this title to show at the 2016 Indy Pop Con. The top challenges here were writing music/making sounds for a strange medieval/sci-fi world made almost entirely of plastic.

Tot's Life Website


Mr. CanDo was another DePaul capstone project. I did all of the composition, voice acting recording, sound design, and implementation of sounds. The real challenge here in implementation was organizing and debugging the execution of 3D sounds for a networked multiplayer game.

Mr. CanDo Website


Evie's Tale was made with the Unity 4 FMOD Integration and includes an adaptive music system based on progression through the level. I made all the music and sound effects and programmed the entire game, as well as a significant portion of the art. (Forest backgrounds were from the Unity Asset Store)


Also, as I'm sure many game developers can appreciate, I've been associated with many more incomplete projects than completed ones. As a tribute, here are some musical highlights from those games.