Scared of Heights

by Jack Campbell


Jack Campbell is a Minnesotan pop songwriter currently residing in Chicago, IL. After a deft placement of his first single, “Absentee”, on the popular internet radio drama Welcome to Night Vale, Campbell has garnered a solid fan base all around the globe. Campbell called upon these forces this past summer in the form of a crowdfunding campaign and single release and was met with an overwhelming response. Way over-reaching his fundraising goal and filling in the financial gaps with a full time summer job at a Duluth, MN convenience store, Campbell returned to the studio with "Absentee" producer Brett Bullion to make a full length record.

Campbell’s college education in jazz and obsession with pop music combined with Bullion’s keen arranging skills and ear for quality tone as an electronic/ambient musician lead to pristine sounding recordings that are both perfectly groovy and lyrically sound. These recordings are a step away from Campbell’s roots, growing up as a garage rock frontman throughout high school, but his stage presence still shines through with his current live incarnation, Jack Campbell & the Skeleton Keys.

Jack Campbell’s new self-titled record will drop on November 11th followed by alternating US tours and a continued college education.


Something tells me there’s a bright future ahead for Jack Campbell.
— Andrea Swensson, the Current 89.3
Whether it be disbelief of his age and the caliber of music he has been making, or whether it be about how central he is to the growing visibility of the Duluth music community, Jack seems like a hot topic.
— David Campbell, Radio host at the Current 89.3
Yeah, this is a cool song.
— Joseph Fink, creator of Welcome to Night Vale
[Absentee] is proof positive that all the hard work Campbell poured into his music was worth it
— Eric Thompson, City Pages