jack campbell


Hailing from the icy northern Minnesota port town of Duluth, indie songwriter Jack Campbell has spent much of the last ten years warming up inside with a guitar and a tape machine. In keeping with the Midwestern approach to life, many of the difficult subjects explored in his songs are hidden behind a smirking pop facade.

Campbell’s music has found a worldwide audience following the release of Absentee (2013), with much of his fanbase spread throughout the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. After returning to the studio with Minneapolis producer/engineer Brett Bullion, he plans to release a follow up record in early 2019.

“Something tells me there’s a bright future ahead for Jack Campbell.”

  • Andrea Swensson, NPR



“yeah, this is a cool song”

  • joseph fink, creator of welcome to night vale

“jack campbell will bop heads atop even the most reluctant shoulders”

  • kurt heberling, those who dig

“whether it be disbelief of his age and the caliber of music he has been making, or whether it be about how central he is to the growing visibility of the Duluth music community, Jack seems like a hot topic”

  • david campbell, radio host at the mpr current 89.3

“absentee is proof positive that all the hard work campbell poured into his music was worth it”

  • eric thompson, city pages minneapolis